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Blood Testing Service in St Katharine Docks & Wapping

Welcome to City Dock Pharmacy’s blood testing services in St Katharine Docks & Wapping, where we provide professional and effective solutions to help you monitor your health right here. Our team of experienced clinicians is dedicated to offering fast, affordable, and comfortable blood draws to residents of London, ensuring you get the lab tests you need for optimal well-being. We work closely with high-quality labs to deliver accurate results you can trust.

Why Blood Testing Matters

Blood tests check the levels of various cells, proteins, and chemicals in your blood. Getting recommended blood tests done regularly is crucial for maintaining good health. Here’s why blood testing matters:

Detect Health Issues: Blood tests can reveal early warning signs of health problems like diabetes, heart disease, infections, nutrient deficiencies, and more. Catching issues early is key.

Monitor Conditions: For chronic diseases like diabetes, blood tests allow you to keep tabs on your levels and adjust treatment if needed. They help you stay in your target range.

Check Medication Effects: Blood tests provide insight into how medications are working for you. They let you know if dosages need to be adjusted based on your body’s response.

Guide Treatment: Doctors rely on blood test results to determine the most effective treatments and make care decisions tailored to you. The tests give crucial data.

Assess Overall Health: A broad blood panel can check on your general health status by looking at counts, cholesterol, kidneys, liver, blood sugar, and more. It’s a quick health snapshot.

Expert Blood Testing Services

At City Dock Pharmacy our experienced clinicians utilise safe, effective, and comfortable techniques to draw your blood for testing. We offer professional and comprehensive blood testing services including:

Wellness Panels – Check cholesterol, glucose, kidney & liver function, electrolyte levels, and more.

Diabetes Tests – Hemoglobin A1c, glucose tests, and more to monitor diabetes.

Allergy Tests – Check for allergies to foods, pets, dust, and other allergens.

Thyroid Tests – T3, T4, TSH levels to assess thyroid function.

Testosterone Tests – Help assess testosterone levels in men.

Hormone Tests – Estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, and other hormone level checks.

Vitamin Tests – Check your vitamin D, B12, folate levels, and more.

Heart Health Tests – Cholesterol panels, CRP, and more to evaluate cardiac risk.

And More – PSA tests, anemia testing, therapeutic drug monitoring, and many more.

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How it works

Here’s what to expect when using our blood testing services:

Stage 1: Medical Review

A clinician will review your medical history, verify your test orders, and discuss any special considerations.

Stage 2: Pre-Draw

The draw area will be cleaned and prepped. A tourniquet will be applied to locate a vein.

Stage 3: The Draw

Using a new sterile needle, the clinician will draw 1-2 vials of blood quickly and smoothly.

Stage 4: Bandage

A bandage and pressure will be applied to the draw site to prevent bruising.

Stage 5: Testing

Your blood will be packaged for safe transport to our partner lab for analysis.

Stage 6: Results

We will send you the test result in 48 hours.

Our skilled clinicians make blood draws an easy and comfortable process. We work diligently to provide accurate, timely results for you and your doctor.


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