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IM vitamin shots provide a swift way to deliver essential nutrients through intramuscular injection. We offer a diverse menu of options, each offering potential wellness benefits, making vitamin shots an ideal supplement for those with busy schedules.

How is it administered?

The intramuscular (IM) vitamin shot involves injecting vitamins and nutrients directly into the deltoid or gluteal muscle. This delivery method enables rapid absorption into the bloodstream, providing an efficient means of delivering essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to the body.

What are the benefits?

By avoiding the digestive system, this delivery method prevents partial breakdown or inefficient absorption of nutrients. This results in a more potent concentration of vitamins, with a larger proportion entering the bloodstream and becoming readily available for the body to utilise.

IM vitamin shots offer the advantage of maintaining steady vitamin levels in the bloodstream for an extended duration. This is achieved as the nutrients are released gradually from the muscle into the bloodstream, ensuring a consistent and prolonged supply.
The direct administration of nutrients into the bloodstream makes IM vitamin shots a preferred choice for swift and effective results. Vitamin shots are especially valuable in situations requiring prompt vitamin replenishment.

Slimming Shot

Uplift your metabolism
Elevate your metabolism and enhance your weight loss journey with the slimming shot, designed to boost energy levels.

Vitamin C

Enhance your immune system
A rapid method to improve immune health and facilitate detoxification


Maintain your glow
Elevate your well-being by providing your body with glutathione, the ultimate antioxidant.

Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin
Promote your immune system and cellular health with the aid of vitamin D.

B Family

All the B Vitamins
From reducing tiredness and fatigue to supporting a healthy immune system, B vitamins play a crucial role in promoting overall wellness.

CoQ10 Family

CoQ10 three ways
CoQ10, a co-enzyme found in high-metabolism areas, acts as an antioxidant, facilitating cellular detoxification.


Skin and Hair